Top 4 best bundle apps for Shopify 2024 (Updated)

If you're running a Shopify store and are aiming to boost your sales through discount offers, you might be looking for the app that can help you achieve this. Bundling apps in Shopify provide a variety of different ways to combine products and sell products together and offer discounts. However, with many different apps available, picking the right option can feel overwhelming.

In this article we will show you the key features that can make significant difference to your store's success. Whether you are looking to upsell complementary products or offer bundled discounts on specific items, understanding these features will help you make an informed decision.

Later, we will show you the top 5 apps to look currently on the market. We'll show you their advantages, pricing models, and will just provide you the overall comparison.

Overview of Bundle apps

If you are not really sure what are bundle apps, they are a way for you to combine certain products together, to usually offer discounts to your customers. This way you are not only selling more products, but you also encourage your customers to explore new items in your store and purchase them.

Lets show you the breakdown of just how bundle apps work and why they are essential for maximizing your sales on your Shopify store:

Product bundling

Of course, the main point of bundling apps are to bundle products together. There are many different strategies for that but the most popular includes grouping items together that are commonly purchased together or are complementary to each other. By presenting certain items in a bundle, you make it convenient for customers to find everything they need in one place.

Once you've grouped the items you wanted together, you can set up the bundle to offer a discount when purchased together.

Upsell opportunities

Bundle apps are effective when it comes to upselling additional products to customers. When you show related items or complementary products within a certain bundle, then you can encourage customers to add more items into their cart.

Upselling through bundles not only increases the average order value (AOV), but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

Promotional flexibility

With bundle apps, there are more than just one way of promoting your bundles. The most basic version includes promoting your bundles on the product pages, however some apps also offer you a way to promote your bundles on other pages, such as for example the cart page.

Some bundle apps even feature an option to promote your bundles via popups. Another great option for bundle promotion are specific pages designed to promote bundles, such as the bundling landing page.

A great way to promote your products is during specific dates or events, such as holidays or special occasions, to drive sales and engage customers.

Data Insights and Analytics

Another very important feature, that some bundle apps might provide is a look in data insights and built-in analytics tools that can help you analize how your bundles are performing and further improve your bundles. This might also help you consider which products work well together and help you grow your business.

Different bundle types

Most bundle apps have different ways you can create your bundles. The classic approach of making a bundle are when you simply pick the products that you want to bundle together, and then customers decide if they would like to buy the bundle or not. However, there exist more bundle types than just that, such as Mix & Match bundle type, where customers can build their own bundle based on the products that you selected and your requirements, or volume bundles to offer a sitewide discounts. If you would like to know more about mix & match bundle, refer to this article.


Top 5 Bundle apps in the Shopify app store

1. Bundler (recommended!)

Positive reviews: 1400+

Bundler in Shopify app store
Bundler in Shopify app store

You will quickly see that Bundler simply is the best option out of the whole selection. From functionalities to customization, to bundle types, Bundler offers everything that you will ever need for bundles. You will also quickly see, that compared to other apps bundles offers very affordable plans and even comes with a completely free plan, where you can create unlimited bundles. It is incredible how much this app offers. In Bundler, you can make 5+ bundle types such as the classic bundle, Mix & Match bundle, sectioned Mix & Match bundle, tiered Mix & Match bundle, volume discounts, and more! When creating each of the listed bundles, you can set up with more than 4+ different discount options, this includes percentage discount and fixed amount discount. Not only that, but with Bundler you can have numerous customization options for your bundles. From enabling certain options visible in the widget, such as showing certain buttons, showing prices, animating buttons, changing basically any text in the widget, to changing colors to anything you like, you can do basically anything you want with Bundler. Also, a great feature of Bundler are funnels, which is a way to promote your bundles on other pages in your shop via a popup, such as the cart page for example. This is a great promotional strategy and it will help you further increase the revenue of your business.

Another great plus worth mentioning about Bundler is, that it supports many different apps in the Shopify app store, so if you are already using some of the apps, don't worry because Bundler supports them. Bundler works great with popular Shopify apps such as GemPages or PageFly page-builders or other apps that enhance the bundling experience such as Seal Subscriptions subscriptions app.

Key features of Bundler - Product Bundles:

  • Affordable plans, comes with a FREE plan,
  • 5+ customizable bundle types, including classic bundle, Mix & Match bundle, sectioned Mix & Match bundle, tiered Mix & Match bundle and volume discounts,
  • Countless varieties of customization options from enabling/disabling functionalities to changing the looks of the widgets,
  • Very user-friendly interface great for newer merchants and also for advanced merchants,
  • Analytics where you can see total revenue, conversions graph, total sales graph, best performing bundles, and more,
  • A variety of different ways to promote bundles such as the bundle landing page, bundle listing page, funnel upsell popups, showing widgets outside Shopify, and more,
  • Great tutorials and guides available to help you easy understand the setup of bundles,
  • Amazing and responsive customer support team.

Pricing plans of Bundler - Product Bundles:

  • FREE plan comes with unlimited bundles, customizable widget, custom product images, discount conditions, volume discounts and unlimited orders,
  • Premium plan for $6.99/month comes with mix & match bundles, variant level bundles, landing pages, bundles listing page, bundle shortcodes, funnels, and more,
  • Execute plan for $9.99/month comes with analytics, total revenue, conversions graph, total sales graph, best performing bundles, and more.


2. Wide Bundles - Quantity breaks

Reviews: 800+

Wide bundles in Shopify app store
Wide bundles in Shopify app store

Wide Bundles is another bundling app that has seen some success. It comes with quite some features, just like Bundler. Wide bundles app allows you to increase your average value by creating quantity breaks, bogo, or bundle products. You can also customize some things. Wide bundle also has great integration support with other apps, and the they will automatically integrate your bundles with most of existing upsell apps that you are using such as side cart apps, page builders, etc…

Key features of Wide Bundles - Quantity breaks:

  • Create basic bundles,
  • Customize the design of your widget to match your store,
  • Add custom text to increase conversions,
  • Integrate the app with upsell apps, side cart apps, or page builders,
  • Create offers on your product,
  • Customer support.

Pricing plans of Wide Bundles - Quantity breaks

  • Basic plan for $18 per month allows you to create as many offers as you want, customize the app, and allows you to add blinking texts on your offers,
  • Advanced plan for $36 per month, which allows you other customization options such as swatch colors, badges and corner banners, bundle templates and more custom texts.


3. Bundle bear - Volume discounts

Reviews: 400+

Bundle bear in Shopify app store
Bundle bear in Shopify app store

Although on the more pricier side, bundle bear has also seen some attention from merchants in the recent years when it comes to volume discounts. Bundle Bear app is a bit of a different bundling app, specifically designed for volume discounts, quantity breaks, and tiered pricing for product bundles. It includes functions such as cart page funnels, thank you page funnels, free gifts, robust reporting and autopilot mode, which allows you to use AI engine to match your customer's cart with a better offer. Popular types of bundles that you can create in Bundle Bear are are mix & match discounts and X+Y bundles, similar to Bundler.

Key features of Bundle bear - Volume discounts:

  • Volume discounts,
  • Quantity breaks,
  • Tiered pricing,
  • Cart page & thank you page funnels,
  • Free gifts,
  • Reporting abilities,
  • Autopilot mode using AI,
  • Different bundles such as mix & match discounts and X+Y bundles.

Pricing plans of Bundle bear - Volume discounts:

  • Shopify basic plan starting at $24.99 per month that includes volume discounts, X+Y bundles, total cart value discounts, mix & match discounts, and more,
  • Shopify standard plan starting at $34.99 per month,
  • Shopify advanced plan starting at $44.99 per month,
  • Shopify plus plan starting at $64.99 per month.


4. - Inventory Sync

Reviews: 300+ in Shopify app store in Shopify app store is another interesting app for making bundles that has been on the market for quite some time now. Just like Bundler and other bundling apps, it allows you to sell product bundles in your store. You can offer different types of bundles such as multipacks, curated sets and tiered pricing. Similar to how Bundler's mix & match bundle works, also allows you to configure a bundle where customers can build their own bundles. It also has other features most other bundling apps have such as automatic sync of the inventory, and integration with other popular apps. It also uses no discount codes, however discount codes can still be used in the checkout.

Key features of - Inventory Sync:

  • Different types of bundles such as multipacks, fixed sets and mix & match bundles, 
  • Ability to automatically sync inventories,
  • Bunch of different pricing that you can setup such as bulk pricing, custom pricing, flat discounts, volume discounts and more.

Pricing plans of - Inventory Sync:

  • Shopify shops plans for $14 per month includes unlimited bundles, unlimited bundle views, and option to bulk import bundles
  • Shopify plus plans for $29, $99, and $199 per month where each of them allows you more orders per month.



In conclusion, picking the right bundling app can be very important for your business. Creating bundles can not only make your customers more satisfied, but it can increase the revenue of your business unexpectedly high, and we are highly positive, that you will quickly see the difference. Based on the comparison above, it's without a question that Bundler stands out as the best bundling app on the market. Not only it has the most affordable plans, it also comes with a completely free plan in which you can make unlimited bundles for your store. This will give you an overall idea of what are bundling apps capable of and you will quickly see that its worth your time and investment.

We hope this article helps you in discovering how bundles can help grow your business! :)

Happy bundling!