Add bundle widget to the homepage
All bundles, except volume discount bundles can be displayed anywhere on your page with a bundle shortcode. Below is a tutorial on how to do this in your shop.
 Add bundle widget to the homepage in 2.0 themes (the easiest way)If you are using the theme 2.0, then you can add the bundle widget to your homepage in Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Add section -> Bundle shortcode widget -> paste the bundle shortcode you copied from the bundle settings.
That's it!

Here are the screenshots on how to do this:
Click the Add...
Bundler Integration With PageFly
We have partnered with the great people over at Pagefly
to create a seamless integration experience between the two apps that we know you will all enjoHow do I enable the integration with PageflyThe best thing about our collaboration with PageFly is that you do not need to enable any complex setting for this integration to work. It's as easy as installing Pagefly and dragging and dropping our bundle element onto a page.

Here is a step by step guide on how to enable and use PageFly with Bundler:Install Bundler - Product Bundles appInstall PageFly appGo to the Bundler app and open the...
Change bundle position
Move the bundle widget in 2.0 themes (the easiest tutorial)If you are using the theme 2.0, then you can move bundle widget on your product pages in Shopify Admin -> Online store -> Customize -> select the product template at the top -> click Add section -> select the Bundler's Product page element widget. 
That's it! Here are the screenshots on how to do this: 
Select product templates: Select the default or custom product template: 

Click the Add section: 
  Scroll down and click on the Product page element from...
Change volume discount widget position
Move volume discount widget in 2.0 themes (the easiest way)If you are using the theme 2.0, then you can move the volume discount widget on your product pages in Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes -> Customize -> Add block -> Volume discount widget -> drag the element to the desired position.
That's it!Here are the screenshots on how to do this:
Select product templates: 
Select the default or custom product template:
Click the Add block:
Scroll down and click on the Volume discount widget from Bundler - Product Bundles: Move the bundle widget in...
How to create a bundle
How do i create a bundle? When you start creating a new bundle, the default configuration is the most often used and is sufficient for simple bundles. There are just a few things that you have to configure before you can click the Save button. A step by step instructions on how to create the most basic and simple bundle are below.Go to your Shopify store admin.Navigate to apps.Click on Bundler - Product Bundles.Click on Create bundle button. 
Scroll down and set the desired discount. It can be a percentage or a fixed amount discount.
Scroll a bit lower and click on the Select...
Maximising sales how to create product bundles in shopify that customers can't resist
Using bundles or bundling services is a very effective way of improving conversion rates in e-commerce generally, which includes Shopify. The concept of bundles entails joining two products in a store together to sell at a single price (which usually includes a discount). It’s basically like saying why sell a certain shoe for seven dollars and a certain shirt for five dollars when you can sell both at a single price for ten dollars? For a customer looking to get some items to boost their fashion wardrobe, their choice out of those two options is quite clear.“Why bundles? ” is a...
How to sell stale inventory in your online shop?
One of the first rules of online business is that you must have an adequate cashflow.
You have to constantly sell your products, create cashflow and keep the profits. The longer you hold onto inventory that won't sell, the more it will weight down your profitability. Keeping products in stock for a long time increases the product's stocking cost. It takes place in your warehouse for which you probably pay monthly rent and eats your space for more profitable or more popular items.
So not only you can't sell your product and create a profit, it is reducing your total profit day by day....
Manual installation
Bundles not displaying? If you created a bundle and it is not displaying on your product page, then you can either contact us or manually install the app in your theme Liquid files. If you decided to install the app manually, then follow this guide. How does the app work? On product pages, the app will find the element where it can display product bundle, relevant to the currently viewed product, and inject it into it.
As themes and their HTML structure vary, it may happen that the app won't be able to find a suitable HTML element to inject the bundle into. In this case, you...
Shopify bundling apps: Bundler vs Fast Bundle
Merchants just like you are often considering implementing new marketing strategies for their business. One of the most popular marketing strategies nowadays is promoting products. There are many different ways you can promote your products on your website, or on other sites, however the most effective one is without a doubt product bundles.If you are not yet sure what exactly are bundles, think of them as a way to sell multiple products together, for an additional discount. They are basically some sort of a ‘package’ where customers can buy it to earn discounts. There are many different...
Tips for setting up Bundles in Shopify
Many important marketing strategies can increase sales in your store. One of the most valuable and important strategies is promoting products on your site or even outside your site. By promoting products you can offer your customers benefits, the biggest one being discounts. In the recent times, one of the most effective promotional strategies are the ability to create bundles. Bundles are a way where you can combine multiple products together and then the customer will see the bundle on the product page or on some other page and decide if they want to buy the bundle or not. Bundles are a way...