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I noticed an increase in sales since using Bundler app Amy from The Parabola West shop explains how she uses the Bundler app and how it helped her increase sales.
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Customer testimonials for Bundler app
Customer testimonials for Bundler app

Shopify merchants love the Bundler app for it's simplicity, user-friendly interface, various bundle offers they can set up and seamless integration with Shopify.

Pharmaceutical Grade Vitamins

"I got to say that this is the best bundler app by far, the new function that you can make sectioned bundles is awesome! I'm using it as a sales funnel and a way to show (and sell) the different vitamins to my customers."

Julia Clancey Luxury Resort

Excellent customer service. I find many of these apps take days to respond with many communication problems. Lots of easy to follow features.

Underware USA

I tried the native Shopify Bundles app first. It wasted about ten hours of my time. Their own customer service kindly recommended Bundler and I am very thankful. Amazing software! So easy. Videos pop-up in app to explain everything and are very concise. In fact, while I was working all day today, it gave me a pop-up saying that they noticed how long I was working and wondered if I needed help!!! Wow! That is right, they are actually tracking how long you spend in the app and respond if they sense you are working too long. So impressed. Everything is super clear for both the entrepreneur and the customer. Save yourself tiem and headache and start with Bundler!

Washtenaw County Conservation District

For a relatively low cost, this app allows various bundling & tiered pricing of products that is quite flexible and powerful, yet simple enough to configure. So far so good. I've come into some bugs, and some of the design could be improved, including mobile responsiveness. However, their customer service has been super responsive, and they've fixed bugs within a day. It seems they are actively working to improve this app, which is encouraging.

Cleopatra Organics

I've been looking for an app that does exactly this, mix and match any way you need!! I love the ease of use! I tried a few before and none of them worked the way I needed it until I found Bundler!!

Nordic Simply

A very simple and easy-to-set-up app. I had a wish for a few tweaks which customer service was very kind to assist with. Have been using Bundler for a while and it converts the extra value in the cart for sure.