Shopify apps: 4 best review apps for Shopify to look for in 2024 [Updated]

Shopify, being one of the most competitive and most used e-commerce platforms for managing and creating online stores, has a lot to offers. In the Shopify apps store you can find a huge selection of different apps. Often, someone can be overwhelmed when searching for a particular type of an app, and you could be not sure which one is the right one for you that has all the functionalities that you are looking forward to, and that is affordable and within your budget. This can be especially hard for newer merchants, since they don't have experience with using and installing apps in Shopify. One of the most looked up apps for Shopify are review apps. These apps allow you to display product reviews, star ratings, and more. You can have different types of reviews such as photo, or video reviews, or simply just regular text reviews. Usually, many review apps also allow you to display reviews in different ways.

In this article, we will take a look at 4 review apps that we recommend to you, their cons, and their pros. In each app we will show you:

  • The features that the app has,
  • The pricing plans,
  • What are they like to use.

Before diving into the selection of apps, we will first show you the things to consider when searching for the right review app.

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What to consider when installing review app in Shopify?

Product review apps in Shopify app store
Product review apps in Shopify app store

When going through a selection of review apps in the Shopify app store and comparison, it's fairly important to consider several factors to ensure that you select the best app that would fit your needs. Here are some of the main key points to consider when doing that:

Customization options

We believe customization is a pretty big aspect when it comes to review apps. Apps that offer a customizable review widget and display options, so that you provide a nice shopping experience for your customers. You should be able to match the review section with your store's branding and layout, which means that customers who want to read and look at reviews, can find them effortlessly and are not confused by the review section. Review section needs to look legit and professional, since in the nowadays world, a lot of review sections on some site look fake, which might be a turnoff for some customers.

Automated review requests

A good review app will have a useful function, where it will allow you to automatically send review request emails to customers after purchase. This automation saves a lot of time and increases the likelihood of getting more reviews on your online store, helping you to build social proof quickly and efficiently.

Media support

Reviews in a form of text are great. But visual reviews are even better. Apps that allow customers to upload photos and videos with their reviews gives better proof to other customers that are looking through reviews. Credibility is an important aspect of reviews, since you never know if a review is a legit one or not, and visual content gives potential buyers a more comprehensive view of product, and this way gaining trust in your store.

Moderation tools

We've all seen it. Reviews that are more than obviously fake, spam reviews, and bots try to take down a certain website. It is an absolute big plus if a reviews app includes moderation tools to prevent spammy and fake reviews. You should make sure that the app includes robust moderation features and spam protection to maintain the quality and authenticity of reviews on your site. This helps even further with making reviews relevant, trustworthy and realistic.

Analytics and insights

Detailed statistics can be helpful. This way, you can gain many information about customer feedback and track the patterns that your customers write in their reviews. Understanding customer feedback trends can help you make informed decisions about product improvements and marketing strategies.

SEO benefits

Reviews can improve your store's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by giving fresh, unique content regularly. Some apps can ensure that reviews are indexed by search engines, which can help drive more organic traffic to your site. Google likes trustworthy reviews and helpful content, which can help you improve the ranking of your website.


Of course, for many merchants the pricing is the most important aspect. You should carefully consider if the app you are trying to install is worth your investment and within your budget. Review apps come with different pricing plans, and some premium plans that might be expensive, can come with advanced features that you are looking for.


Top 4 Review apps in Shopify to check out

Now that we've showed you the best features to look up when you are looking through different review apps on the Shopify market, let's actually get to the main point and show you the best 5 review apps in the Shopify app store.

1. Product Reviews App

Official partner of Seal Subscriptions Product Reviews App in Shopify app store Product Reviews app in Shopify app store

One of the most popular apps regarding product reviews on the Shopify market is Product Reviews. is a quite new app, but has gained a significant popularity regarding product reviews. Trustoo has been trusted amongst many merchants and has many functionalities that are perfect for any store looking for a great product reviews app. Popular features include unlimited review requests, various marketing methods such as sending review push invitations through SMS, Email and WhatsApp, multi-platform compatibility where platforms like AliExpress and Amazon can synchronize reviews with one click. Trustoo also has many different customization options.

Key features of Product Reviews App:

  • Many different customization options,
  • Auto-translate reviews with multi-language support,
  • Different marketing methods such s sending review push invitations through SMS, Email and WhatsApp,
  • Easy way to share reviews on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
  • Auto-fit mobile support for full screen display,
  • Responsive customer support

Pricing plans of Product Reviews App:

  • Free plan that allows you 50 orders review request, import 20 reviews per product, discount code, instagram feed and chat support,
  • Basic plan for $9.99/month that allows you 150 orders review request, show 500 reviews per product, option to reply to reviews, auto-translate for 1 language and auto update reviews,
  • Growth plan for $19.99/month that allows you 600 orders review request, unlimited reviews per product, video reviews, product grouping, and more.

2. Product Reviews Product Reviews app in Shopify app store Product Reviews app in Shopify app store has been on the market for a long time, and they are the biggest product reviews app in the Shopify app store. It has a bunch of features that are useful to many merchants. Easy customization of widgets, sharing reviews on social media, engaging to reviews, and seamless installation are all a great plus of The setup really is easy and they also provide you with a great tutorial on how you can setup the app. They are also very affordable and offer only two plans, the free one and the $15/month one. They also have a support in 38 languages. Other features include displaying star ratings, store and product reviews, trust badges, email marketing integrations, reward coupons, and more!

Key features of Product Reviews App:

  • Seamlessly install and customize widgets,
  • Collect reviews effortlessly via web, email, push, and SMS,
  • Display star ratings, store and product reviews, and more display options,
  • Support for 38 languages,
  • Scheduling automatic emails to get reviews after fulfillment or delivery,
  • Sharing reviews on different social medias.

Pricing plans of Product Reviews App:

  • Free plan that includes unlimited review requests, photos & videos, in-email reviews, SEO snippets, and more,
  • Awesome plan for $15/month that includes site reviews, custom forms, coupons, product groups, meta syndication, Google shopping, and more.

3. Loox Product Reviews

Loox Product Reviews app in Shopify app store
Loox Product Reviews app in Shopify app store

Loox product reviews is another great reviews app used by thousand of merchants worldwide. Although on the pricier side, Loox does offer a lot of things that you might find useful regarding reviews. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate from one section to another. Loox collects and displays visual reviews, so you can build trust instantly and turn more visitors into loyal customers. Loox is build for speed with using content delivery network to serve scripts, photos, and videos, so widgets load in less than half a second. There are also a bunch of different cusomizable widgets that you can use so the widgets can fit with your brand.

Key features of Loox Product Reviews:

  • Collect product reviews on auto-pilot with customized emails and review form,
  • Social proof widget that notifies new customers, of reviews that have been left by existing customers,
  • Option to enable discounts if customers leave a photo review,
  • Upsell products in your checkout,
  • A referral program,
  • 24/7 customer support,
  • Sync reviews from Shop App, Google Shopping, and more,
  • Multi-language support

Pricing pans of Loox Product Reviews:

  • Beginner plan for $9.99/month that includes 100 monthly review request emails, offer discounts for photo reviews, 10+ widgets, reviewers importer, and more,
  • Scale plan for $34.99/month that includes video reviews, Google Shopping, Meta Shops, No branding, all integrations, and more,
  • Unlimited plan for $299/month that includes unlimited review request emails, unlimited referrals, unlimited upsells, and more.

4. Ali Reviews - Product Reviews

Ali Reviews in Shopify app store
Ali Reviews in Shopify app store

Ali Reviews is a product reviews app dedicated to AliExpress and Amazon reviews. It is heavily trusted by thousands of other merchants and it has over 800.000+ installs, 12.000+ positive reviews and it has been selected as a Shopify staff pick 3 years in a row. A very popular feature allows you to display your reviews on any page in your online store, such as product pages, homepage, cart page, collections, dedicated page, and more. This will allow you to increase conversion rates in your store, give powerful first impressions, and boost the confidence of your customers. The app has beautiful customization features with 9 compelling styles that are fully customizable, and fully responsive. There are also a bunch of other features that Ali Reviews offers. Ali Reviews has great integration with dropshipping app DSers. If you want to read more about best dropshipping apps in Shopify you can check out this article.

Key features of Ali Reviews - Product Reviews:

  • Bulk import photo reviews with AliExpress Review Importer,
  • AI tool to auto-suggest top sources for instant review imports,
  • Put reviews on different pages of your store such as product pages, homepage, cart page, collections, and more,
  • Collect reviews from different sources,
  • 9 compelling styles that are fully customizable,
  • Easy management of reviews.

Pricing plans of Ali Reviews - Product Reviews:

  • Free plan that comes with 5 reviews per product, AliExpress review importer, Email review requests, Collect reviews on site, and more,
  • Starter plan for $9.90/month that comes with 500 reviews per product, CSV file importer, photo reviews, discount coupon, and more,
  • Essential plan for $19.90/month that comes  with 1500 reviews per product, Dsers integration, In-cart review, and more,
  • Premium plan for $49.99/month that comes with 10.000 reviews per product, video reviews, Google Shopping integration, Migration support, Customer success manager, and more.



Picking the right app in Shopify app store can be an important decision. If you pay for a certain app without proper research, this can lead into unwanted issues if you dislike something about the app in the future. Review apps have always been in-demand and they can significantly help your store and increase the conversions in your store.

We hope this article helps you pick the right review app for your store. If you are looking for other apps, we recommend you check out the best subscriptions app Seal Subscriptions, that can help you implement subscription services in your store, and best bundle app Bundler, that can help you promote your products via bundles.

Happy e-commerce building!