Maximising sales how to create product bundles in shopify that customers can't resist

Using bundles or bundling services is a very effective way of improving conversion rates in e-commerce generally, which includes Shopify. The concept of bundles entails joining two products in a store together to sell at a single price (which usually includes a discount). It’s basically like saying why sell a certain shoe for seven dollars and a certain shirt for five dollars when you can sell both at a single price for ten dollars? For a customer looking to get some items to boost their fashion wardrobe, their choice out of those two options is quite clear.“Why bundles?” is a question that a lot of store owners, especially new ones would have while reading this. For a store to be sustainable, it must be able to attract new customers while also making sure that the already existing ones remain happy and loyal.

As seen from the example earlier, bundles make the purchase experience much more enjoyable for customers. People naturally like to feel like they are getting a bargain or better than what they feel they paid for when they buy something. That’s what a person would feel when they budgeted exactly twelve dollars to buy a shoe and a shirt but discover they can get a package for it at just ten dollars. This would intrigue them to find out what other bundles are available and what pairing forms they come in. The next time they visit another store (probably a rival store to your business) and they don’t see similar provisions made, they would come out feeling disappointed compared to yours. 

There are various bundling techniques used by merchants in their stores.

Pure Building

One of the major and most popular bundling techniques is the pure bundling technique. This is the bundling technique in which a customer cannot get any of the member items in the bundle as a single standalone product. These products are exclusively obtainable in the store as part of a bundle. A major advantage of this technique is that it helps store owners sell certain products which would have most likely been neglected and would have gone to waste if they were just on their own. This technique basically moves the hand of the customers to get those products in the process of getting the more popular and favorable ones as well.

Cross-sell bundling

The cross-sell bundling technique is one that joins a main product with another one that serves a complementary role. More often than not, the complementary product can’t even be put to use without the main product. A very common example is a phone being sold along with a phone case or an earpiece. Another example is a laptop being sold with a mouse.

Gift bundle

The gift bundle technique is designed towards satisfying customers who wish to provide their loved ones with complementary products. This technique comes in handy, especially during holiday periods such as Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter. It is also useful for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. A Valentine’s bundle for example can contain a rose, a heartfelt letter, and a box of chocolates.

Buy One Get One

Another technique is the buy one get one bundle. This type entails offering a main product in addition to another product whose cost value would be quite low or even free. This technique works especially well for purchases that a customer is only likely to engage in once in a blue moon. A good example is a refrigerator purchase. It is an electronic good that people tend only to upgrade after a few


Which bundle app to use?

If you are using Shopify as a platform where you have your online store, then you will notice that there are a lot of different bundling apps available. Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out which one fits your needs and requirements best. Overall, we recommend you to use the Bundler, Shopify bundle app as your dedicated bundling app. Bundler has lots of different functionalities and allows you to create various bundles, such as:

  • classic bundles,
  • Mix & Match bundles,
  • volume discounts,
  • sectioned Mix & Match bundles,
  • tiered Mix & Match bundles,
  • and more. 

Each bundle type in Bundler, a Shopify bundle app comes with a multitude of different settings you can use to tailor the bundle in your online store to your needs.