How to remove 'Powered by Shopify' in few simple steps [2024]

Shopify is by far one of the most competitive e-commerce platforms for building online stores. It has helped thousands of merchants and it is rapidly growing. One thing that many merchants might find annoying, or less desirable is the text “Powered by Shopify” branding that appears in the footer of their websites by default. 

While this branding acknowledges the platform that powers their store, it might not always align with the merchants wishes and it might look aesthetically unpleasing to look at.

Fortunately, removing “Powered by Shopify” is a very simple process. In this guide we will show you just how easy you can remove this branding, while also showing you some tips and best practices and at the end we will answer some frequently asked questions about the topic.


What is “Powered by Shopify” and why you should remove it

Powered by Shopify is basically a text located in the footer of your website. Shopify includes this text on all stores by default to show they power their ecommerce stores. Shopify, like all brands, uses this as a marketing strategy to promote their brand. This way, they gain reputation from customers and show they are a trustworthy platform.

Example of location of powered by Shopify branding
Example of location of powered by Shopify branding

Promoting Shopify

Luckily, Shopify also provides a very easy way to remove this branding. But why you should remove it? Well, first thing first you probably wouldn't want to provide free marketing for Shopify, as doing that does nothing good to your brand. Instead of that, you could use this space to promote your own brand in some way. 


Removing this also makes your website look more professional and more clean to your customers. You are giving a more professional feel this way and the site looks more like your own.

SEO optimization

Also, while the impact may be minor, but removing the “Powered by Shopify” could potentially have a positive effect on search engine optimization (SEO). This way, your footer can contain only relevant keywords and information.

Better user experience

Also from a user perspective, having the Shopify branding text in your footer could mean your customers potentially leaving your site. The text down there is clickable, and when someone clicks on it it will be redirected to Shopify's main page. This might either confuse the customer or make him explore Shopify more, instead of shopping on your site. You are in a competitive industry and you need to use every opportunity to keep your customers shopping.


How to remove “Powered By Shopify” branding

There are two ways you can remove the powered by Shopify branding in the footer. One requires manipulating with some code, and it is a bit more complicated, so we will mention it after the easy one. And the first one (the recommended way) is to do it without any code. Let's take a look at it.

1. Method: Change the default theme content  (Easy)

This one is the most simple and straightforward way of doing that. It does not require any code knowledge.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Shopify Admin → Online Store → Themes
    Clicking the themes in Shopify Admin
  2. Next to the theme that you would like to edit, click on the three dots, then click on the Edit default theme content
    Clicking the edit default theme content button
  3. You will now see a bunch of things that you can change directly in your theme. At the very top you will see a search box that says Filter Items. In this search box, type ‘powered’. This fill filter all the words that have ‘powered’ in them.
    Theme content page
  4. You will see two sections that you should focus on. One of them is under Links and the other one is under Password page. You will see that it says ‘Powered by Shopify’ next to both of them.
  5. In the Powered By Shopify box, enter a single space. If your store is password-protected, then you can repeat this step for the Powered by Shopify HTML box, which appears on your store's Opening soon page.
  6. Click Save.

That's it! You now successfully removed the Powered by Shopify branding in the footer. Instead of removing it (by adding a space), you can also rename it to whatever you would like. This can make your website seem more professional!

2. Method: Edit the theme code (Advanced)

This method is for more advanced users and a bit more complicated than the previous one, however it does work. Here are the steps required for it, but It is recommended not to do this if you are don't have knowledge with liquid code and you are unsure with what you are doing.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Shopify Admin → Online Store → Themes
  2. Next to the theme that you would like to edit, click on the three dots, then click on the Edit code
  3. You are now in the code editor. On the left side of the page, you should see a bunch of different files. You should look and try to find the footer.liquid file.
  4. In this file, locate any instances of this code snippet: {{ powered_by_link }} and simply delete it.
  5. Click Save, and the Powered by Shopify should dissapear from your site ;)

That's it! If you are more comfortable with editing code, you can do it using this step, as it's also relatively an easy thing to do.

Tips on what else to put in the footer instead of “Powered by Shopify”

Now we mostly explained to you and showed how you can remove this branding. However, you might would want to add somewhere else in the footer instead of it and you are not sure exactly what. We will show you some popular ideas that are great to include in the footer and some that a lot of merchants are using to put on their website.

Popular ideas include:

Social media icons

We've all seen those. A lot of online stores include social media icons on their website to promote their products even further. This way, customers can access your social medias also from your website, if they are unfamiliar with those. You might also share news about your products outside your website on social medias, so promoting those sites from your website is great to get more customers to follow and subscribe to your social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Another great way to inform your customers about any updates of your store, for example if you have new products in your store, is by having a newsletter. Those can be send to customers via emails or any other ways. A great way for you to enable the newsletters on your page is by having the link to subscribe to them in the footer. This has been a popular option for many merchants.

Contact information

While having a contact page is great, having additional links that would redirect to that page is even better. And footer is a perfect place for that. By including the link to your contact page, and when your customers are searching for the contact page, they would simply scroll to the bottom of your page, see “Contact” and have no trouble finding your page that way.

Payment methods

You've probably seen a bunch of credit card icons at the very bottom of some online stores. Those identify which payment methods does the online store support. This is great so that customers quickly understand if their payment method is supported on the site.

Footer is a space to basically showcase anything that customers might be searching for. It is also at the very bottom of the site, so your customers won't be too confused by it. Keep it clear, minimal and put important links and information there. Customers will most likely only glance through the footer so it is important that you arrange the content there so that it will be immediately clear to customers.



In conclusion, removing the “Powered by Shopify” branding from your store is an effective way to enhance your onlin e presence and maintain consistency. This way you can control your store's footer and create a more professional and customized experience for your customers. Footer is more important than most people think, so make sure you take your time and design it in a way you think its important for your store and business.

Now that you have the knowledge and tools to remove this branding, you should focus on other parts of your store, such as implementing new marketing strategies to promote your products. We are glad to tell you that with Bundler, that is possible. Bundler is an app in Shopify, that allows you to efficiently promote your products. In short, it allows you to combine certain products together, to offer benefits to your customers and increase the revenue of your store. The benefits usually include discounts. If you are more interested in that topic, you can view our article about creating a bundle here and viewing an article about best bundling app in Shopify here

Bundler also works great with Seal Subscriptions, the best app to implement subscription methods in your store. Here, your customers will be able to subscribe to products and receive them on certain intervals (based on what you defined in the settings). If you are interested in that topic, you can check out article about viewing and managing subscriptions in Shopify.

We hope this article helped you in removing your “Powered by Shopify” brand and enhancing your store's footer for the better customer experience.

Happy e-commerce building! ;)