Shopify bundling apps: Bundler vs Fast Bundle

Merchants just like you are often considering implementing new marketing strategies for their business. One of the most popular marketing strategies nowadays is promoting products. There are many different ways you can promote your products on your website, or on other sites, however the most effective one is without a doubt product bundles.

If you are not yet sure what exactly are bundles, think of them as a way to sell multiple products together, for an additional discount. They are basically some sort of a ‘package’ where customers can buy it to earn discounts. There are many different options for bundles such as the ones where you as a merchant predefine products in bundles or you can allow your customers to make their own bundle.

If you are still not sure what we are talking about, you can refer to this article where it is explained in-detail what are bundles in Shopify.

In this article we will compare the two of the most popular bundling apps, Bundler and fast bundle and show you the advantages and disadvantages of each. And you will quickly see exactly why Bundler is the go-to option ;)

Overview of Bundler and Fast Bundle


Bundler on Shopify app store
Bundler on Shopify app store

When a Bundler reached the Shopify app store, it saw a rapid growth and it immediately became one of the most successful bundling apps on the market. There are many factors as to why such as the extremely affordable pricing plans, functionality support that has basically everything that you would ever want to start your bundling business in Shopify and an awesome and responsive customer support team. The process of setting up bundles is very simple, and if you get into any problems with that, Bundler has many great tutorials on how you can do certain things. Not only that but with Bundler you can have more than 5 different bundle types and each of them is heavily customizable. Speaking of customization, with Bundler, every widget is heavily customizable so you can make it fit with your site design ;) Important thing to not is also that Bundler supports integration with a wide variety of other Shopify apps that you might already use such as PageFly and GemPages. There are many more features that Bundler offers, that you can find described below.

Fast Bundle | Product Bundles

Fast Bundle in Shopify app store
Fast Bundle in Shopify app store

Fast Bundle is another competitive bundling app on the market. However, as good as it might seem to you, it's actually missing some things that Bundler has and its also worse in other aspects. Right in the Shopify app store you can see that they only have 400+ reviews and the pricing plans are much more expensive than the ones Bundler offers, for basically the same features. It offers the basic bundle types such as classic bundles, mix & match bundles and volume discount bundles. Just like with Bundler, this one also offers a variety of customization options and it supports integration with some other Shopify apps.

Below, you can also see a comparison table of just how much more Bundler offers and how flexible it is:

FunctionalityBundlerFast Bundle
Essential features
Pricing plans starting atFREE$19/month
Free plan available
Easy to setup bundlesCan be complex for beginners
Extensive customization optionsLimited 
Detailed analytics
1400+ positive reviews
Upsell funnel popups
Constantly updating
5+ available bundle types

Now let's show you exactly which functionalities make Bundler shine and just why is it so good.

Why is Bundler so good?


We think that every merchant would first consider if the app is worth of their investment, so the pricing plans are very important. We are glad to tell you that Bundler offers 3 different plans and each of them are very affordable and worth your investment.

The biggest thing here is that Bundler offers a completely FREE plan that includes most of basic functionalities that you would need for creating bundles. You will get a great feel of the app using the free plan and then you can consider if you would like to upgrade to a higher plan or not.

Considering paid plans, Bundler has two, $6.99 premium plan and $9.99 executive plan.

The $6.99 premium plan includes the following:

  • Mix & Match bundles,
  • Bundle landing pages,
  • Bundle listing pages,
  • Bundle shortcodes,
  • Variant level bundles,
  • Discount in cart,
  • And more!

And the $9.99 executive plan includes the following:

  • Analytics,
  • Total revenue,
  • Conversions graph,
  • Best performing bundles,
  • And other analytics!

And that's it! That's everything that Bundle offers :) 

Pricing plans in Bundler
Pricing plans in Bundler

In Fast Bundle, they offer plans starting at $19 per month, however their plans are based on the number of monthly bundles sales you can have, which is something Bundle doesn't do. For example, the basic standard plan allows you up to $1000 monthly bundle sales, the $49 per month allows you up to $3000 of monthly bundles sales etc…This way you don't really know how well will your bundles perform, especially when you are starting out, which is why Bundler's pricing plans are simply just so good!



Now, we will show you some of the key features that make Bundler for what it is.

5+ Bundle Types

As already mentioned, a lot of bundling apps offer different types of Bundles. Some of the popular types include the:

Types of bundles in Bundler
Types of bundles in Bundler
  • Classic bundles, where you define which products would you like to have in a bundle and then customers simply decide if they would like to purchase it or not,
  • Mix & Match bundles, where you define a selection of products and then customers can make their own bundle from that selection based on your requirements,
  • Volume discount bundles, where you give customers a sitewide or product specific tiered discount when they buy in bulk,
  • Sectioned Mix & Match bundles, where you guide customers through sections and then they need to purchase a specific amount of products through each section
  • Tiered Mix & Match bundles, which is basically the same as normal Mix & Match bundle, except that customers can gain additional discounts by adding more products to the bundle,
  • And more!

Customization and Flexibility

It is without a question true that Bundler offers so many different settings and customization options. From functionalities and look, basically everything can be changed.

Here are some of the settings that you can enable in Bundler:

  • Widget options such as showing compare at prices, units prices, separate variant options, animate buttons etc…
  • Colors options where you can change basically every color in the bundle widget,
  • Subscriptions options where you can enable integration with Seal Subscriptions,
  • Discount popup settings,
  • Advanced CSS customization,
  • Bundle landing page and bundle listing page settings,
  • Display discount in cart options
  • And more!
Bundler settings
Bundler settings

As you can see Bundler offers you a complete customization for the widget and you have a full control on what do you want to do with it. If you have some CSS knowledge, then you can really take the customization to next level!

Promoting bundles

Of course, you should consider promoting your bundles outside of just the normal product pages for various reasons. First of all, some customers might not even be aware that bundles exist on your site, because they perhaps didn't see them on the product pages, so promoting your bundles on other pages, you increase the chances of bundles being shown to the customer.

Bundler does that great and offers 6+ ways to promote bundles on different pages such as:

  • Bundle landing page, which is a page dedicated to a specific bundle. You can then use the link to this page on other parts of your shop,
  • Bundle listing page, which shows all of the available bundles in your shop. You can also use the link to this page on other parts of your shop to showcase your bundles,
  • Funnel upsell popup is a dedicated Bundler functionality to showing your bundles in a popup when a customer visits a certain page such as the cart page,
  • Bundle shortcodes, where you have a complete freedom of putting your bundles anywhere,
  • Showing bundle widgets outside Shopify, which allows you to use a provided code snippet to show your bundle widgets somewhere outside Shopify.
Funnel promotion in Bundler
Funnel promotion in Bundler

If you are curious about promoting bundles, you can refer to our other article by clicking here where we exactly explain in detail each method of promoting bundles.

Integration support

For the last good part about Bundler, we will mention that it has astonishing support with other Shopify apps. Before deciding to use Bundles in your store, you might have already have a variety of apps installed in your Shopify store, so of course you would want Bundler to work with them, especially if the apps are similar in functionality.

We are glad to tell you that Bundler works with a vast majority of Shopify apps such as the popular page building apps like GemPages and PageFly or other apps that can enhance the bundling experience such as the best subscription app in Shopify - Seal Subscriptions, where customers can subscribe to products within a bundle and then receive them on a certain interval.

Integrations in Bundler
Integrations in Bundler



As you can see, there are many valid reasons as to why you should pick Bundler app over Fast Bundle app. From pricing, to functionalities, it simply just offers much more for much less. Bundler has always been a trustworthy app that is being constantly updated. With over 1400+ positive reviews and a free available plan, you have no reason to refuse trying this app. And if you do, we can guarantee to you that you will not regret it, since it will help you increase the revenue in your store and boost the satisfaction of your customers! ;)

We hope this article helps you further in exploring the bundle marketing strategy, since its just just too good!

Happy bundling!