What can I do if my bundles are not displaying?

If you created a bundle and it is not displaying on your product page, then here are a few things to check:

  • Check if all products included in the bundle are visible in your online store.
  • Is there a message displayed on your product page, which starts with Bundler:?
  • Open your browser console and check if there are any warnings which start with the text Bundler:.
  • Check if you have any other bundle or discount apps installed and, if possible, remove the ones you don't need. Some apps (e.g. Selly by Treedify) block our Bundler scripts from getting loaded which means that the discounts can't get applied.

If there is an error message displayed in light gray text instead of the bundle widget, then the products from the bundle are not published and visible in your online shop. To resolve this, just publish and activate all products that are included in your bundle. 

If none of these return any results, then you can either contact us or manually install the app in your theme Liquid files. If you decided to install the app manually, then follow our manual installation guide.